Mocha Girls Disbanded

Pinay Celebrity Mocha Girls
Pinay Scandal Celebrity. Sexy girl group Mocha Girls broke the 4 members of the five-member of Girl Sexy Pinay form his own band.  Chicas Mocha the name of your group leader Usón Mocha.

People speculated that the reason the four members of the group on the left Mocha Uson, but the four girls Hershey Grace Prayer Delas Alas, Corazon de Guzman and Lacanlale Bez, said he had never been jealous "professionals" denied any problems money. "I just wanted to make a name for themselves.

Mocha Uson moreover welcomed and accepted the four is moving out and said she has considered for the backup dancers and singers.

Marian Rivera Misspoke

Pinay Celebrity Marian Rivera
Pinay Scandal Celebrity. Sexy Pinay celebrity Marian Rivera is the center of controversy and comment about how the defense was caught Presidenti Noynoy Aquino with the wrong words on the problem of psychological reports are false.
In a television interview, saying that Mariano Rivera was caught Noynoy psychologically fit to lead the nation and he knows because "I do psychology."

Grammatical error statement Mary soon became the laughingstock of the groups and online communities for their comparison with known Melanie Marquez.

Scandal in the Love Of Katrina Halili

Scandal in the Love Of Katrina Halili
Pinay Scandal Celebrity. Katrina Halili a celebrity is very young and beautiful of the Philippines, His career begins in a modeling agency, but because its a slim figure and Attraction Murderer, get free Success She Also Hollywood. This beautiful and charming woman is Also Caught in a scandal pinoy Now The Days. All fans are YOUR very surprised after his release video Scandal, But Katrina negotiated this end of the reality of this video. In his recent video interview that is totally false blamed the United Nations For A Third Class actress, who became a surgery face as the face in the video. THIS SAID that no more difficult it is without attempting to destroy popularity among its millions of fans.